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Airsoft teams throw themselves into MARSOC support

0'20 has created www.020support.org, a platform to offer help to veterans from different countries from the airsoft community. We've started off with MARSOC Foundation, an entity that helps veterans in need and their families; we'll keep on supporting more projects in further occasions.

This time, all collected funds will go to MARSOC Foundation. For all of you who help with this, Duel Code (airsoft manufacturer), Michael Golembesky (former MARSOC and author of bestseller "Level Zero Heroes") want to thank you with the following giving aways:

1. A special edition Duel Code replica, value at more than $800. Only one unit will be produced worldwide with exclusive markings of Level Zero Heroes and support to MARSOC veterans.

2. A copy of bestseller "Level Zero Heroes", signed by Michael Golembesky, former MARSOC and author of the book.

Many teams have already joined this good cause. This is the case of 5th MSORB, an international community  that gather main MARSOC reenactor teams and led by Michael Golembesky.

You can be the next one. Change the cover picture of your fanpage and send us the link via pm to our fanpage or via email at news@020mag.com to add you to the list.

MSORT 8510 (Spain)

5th MSORT 8513 - Milimania.C.G (Spain)

MSOT 8520 - CAT Team (Hong Kong)

5th MSORT 8523 (Brazil)

MSORT 8531 - MSOB 63 Auvergne (France)

MSORT 8532 (USA)

MSROT 8533 (Italy)

MSORT 8552 - MSOB 06 Alpes Maritimes (France)

MSORT 8553 - UAE (United Arab Emirates)