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Your props museum: Inglorious Basterds

Yourprops.com is an online free museum where we can find atrezzo from our favourite movies.

The question is: can we buy them? Well, not in principle, but we can enjoy checking their collection out.

Today, a selection of material from the movie: Inglourious Basterds

Hero Donny Donowitz's knuckleduster knife and leather sheath. Made with stainless steel blade, metal knuckleduster and wood grip. Grip and blade still have stains of fakeblood on them.

Proprietor Eric (Christian Berkel) screen worn bloody costume. Includes waistcoat, shirt, apron, trousers & wardrobe tag. w/ C.O.A. from Premiere Props

Omar Doom's costume from the cinema scenes complete with glove gun, invitation and magazine.

Glove Gun used by Actor Omar Doom and Eli Roth when they killed Adolf Hitler's guards at the cinema.

This is the Dagger used by Brad Pitt's Character Aldo Raine to carve swastikas into the Nazi's foreheads. Staineless steel blade and nicely detailed.