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How to become a famous sniper

The objective of a sniper is to be unseen. Thus, how can a sniper become famous if camouflage and hiding are his tools? No one will know of your eliminations unless you record it yourself. Once you have the footage, spread the word along the Internet.

You can work it out in several ways, nevertheless check out this tutorial made by the ones who already made it work. This time using a GoPro, one of the most famous gaming recording devices around the world.

With such system we can upload videos of our eliminations without revealing our position.

Nothing is better as an example, so we encourage you to view the following videos from well recognized airsoft snipers.

SpecReconAirsoft - Sniper scope cam #7 - Viking Airsoft uk - 11/10/14
By SpecReconAirsoft 

CJ*2 Scope Cam HD M24 SWS OP Mission First: The Argonauts
By cjradge 

Airsoft Sniper @ The Lair July 20 2014 - FULL GAME EDIT
By Ricardo Fortuny