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Helikon Trooper Soft Shell Jacket

You run, dodging branches, without looking back. All your attention is focused on your mission. Your whole kit is an extension of your body. You slip between enemy lines without being detected; you are part of your environment. That's how you can reach your goal, because if they can't see you, they can't catch you.

You are a chameleon that adapts and changes color, blending into the environment. He is the perfect hunter. He is Helikon.


The jacket is designed to be worn over other uniform items and offer protection against wind, water and snow, while being highly breathable to keep you warm and dry.

With its elasticated waist and the two belt buckles, you ,can close it for warmth or leave it open to let the air out and breathe better when you get hot. It also opens at the
armpits to release body heat. Furthermore, this prevents glasses from fogging up.

It has a double zip, so you can open the bottom for ventilation,drive more comfortably or cover the first line to avoid getting your clips wet. The top zip has a rubber, backing, so you can use it comfortably with gloves. The pockets are still accessible even with a vest on because, you can get at the chest through the arm openings in the vest or the lumbar region from below the vest.

Unlike other softshells, it is not very bulky and very compressible, so it can be folded and carried in a cargo pocket or backpack.