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You are a chameleon that adapts and changes color

You run, dodging branches, without looking back. All your attention is focused on your mission. Your whole kit is an extension of your body. You slip between enemy lines without being detected; you are part of your environment. That's how you can reach your goal, because if they can't see you, they can't catch you.

You are a chameleon that adapts and changes color, blending into the environment. He is the perfect hunter. He is Helikon.


The RACCOON is a lightweight backpack for oneday missions, with a 20 litre capacity. It has two 43x23x14 cm pockets and a braided area to keep
items readily accessible.

The main compartment has room for a hydration bag with tube outlets on both sides.
It has a mesh pocket for storing small items you might need in a hurry.
In the other compartment, you can store maps, a torch, a compass, etc.

There are side straps to compress the bag and stop it from making a noise on the move.
The backpack is available in MP Camo and five other colors to blend into the environment. Because remember:

"If they cannot see you, they cannot shoot you."