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Review ASR116 Low Profile Rail Adapt System Rifle

You're fucked! You heard damn right. That's the first thing you see when you pull the load lever of this APS. That's if you're not blinded by the gold finish of the blowback in classic Silent Arms International style; or if you're not going crazy over the hand-guard with KeyMod ending in "C" like a nod to WarSport.

In any case, be ready to shake with fear if this replica gets pointed in your direction with its new Silver Edge Gearbox. The whole high quality mechanism works together to shoot the balls through the precision barrel and get to you. Oh! And yes, you've totally had it, unless you're the one who's doing the shooting...

The 12.5" LPA (Low Profile Adapt) hand guard with its "C" shape front reminds us of the popular "Wirecut" hand guard of the War Sport LVOA, except that this APS model also comes with the KeyMod system.

The KeyMod System allows three MIL-STD 1913 side rails to be fixed to the hand guard with a simple system of screws and clips, so you can clip attachments to the gun or use it without.

Athena sights can be folded down or removed. However, their special distinctive feature is that they can be used as pistol sights when flipped down, making them useful in both modes.

The Stock is a classic Crane Stock with 6 positions, including the special feature of a system of numbered tags for quick and easy adjustment.

The finish on the blowback representing the bolt is gold in classic Salient Arms International style, a decorative detail that does not affect operation but gives it a very distinctive esthetic touch.

The UAR silencer with 14mm CCW thread (negative) is 105 mm long and inside houses the inner barrel of the replica. The LPA's design means it is only seen from the side and it does not protrude from the hand guard.

The Match Style load lever has an extension on its left side for easier operation. When you pull it, the ejection port will open; but you have to pull the bolt catch out to lock it.

The ergonomic rubber pistol grip is more comfortable and less slippery. This design completely changes the lower receiver of an M4 as we have come to know it, and the grip includes the trigger guard.

The straight trigger is a customization chosen by many precision shooters who claim it provides greater sensitivity, and much quicker firing. However in airsoft it is a purely esthetic element that makes the replica more "tacti-cool".