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The VFC Sabre16

There are replicas,which like whiskey, improve with time - the result of ongoing revisions where details are refined and the latest developments incorporated.

Makers like VegaForceCompany evolve their catalogue over time. So this new series of VFC Sabre 16 has arrived, a replica whose first generation came out a year ago, and now we can see it in a more mature and spectacularm version.


The 13" (330 mm) 3.1 URX handguard is reminiscent of Knight Armaments with the peculiarity that it incorporates in its design the URX 4 KeyModx system but only in its four main lines. All influenced by the fact that this model has a carbine profile which reduces the weight and increases maneuverability during games.


The SCAR type Muzzle has been replaced by this one which emulates the SFMB-5566 2.70" (65 mm) manufactured by SURFIRE. This design reduces recoil and elevation after firing, making it quicker to re-target and reduce recovery time. Obviously
that's only for the real model, on the airsoft replica it's just cosmetic.


The Micro 600m Flip Sights from Knight Arms have also have been replaced by removable oneswhich can fold (they flip up automatically when you press the button on the side) and are adjustable in height, for the front ones, and for distance and laterality for the back.


But not everything has changed in this model, it retains the KAC Combat trigger guard from Knight Arms for the SR15. This detail makes the replica easier to use for players wearing gloves or with large hands.


The butt is the main feature of this model, as it has evolved from the crane stock of the original model to the new and impressive VFC Quick Response System. It is adjustable in five positions with the oversized trigger lever in the interior space.

And has small rail at the bottom to fix it to a monopod for stability. In addition, in the style of a VLTOR, the side tubes are hollow and can fit batteries, pencils or light tubes, or if you can dismantle them to get a lower profile. Finally, the butt can be opened to reveal a space where you can keep extra or larger batteries or a small tool kit.