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SURVEY! Which one among these 4 would you pick?

KSK has 4 operating companies and 1 support company. Each operating company is divided into 5 ZUGs, the German equivalent of the famed 22nd SAS Rgt. troops. And every ZUG consists of 16 operators.

-    The "A ZUG" is specialized in high tactical mobility and uses special vehicles such as the Mercedes G Wolf, 2 Unimog Tm trucks and motorcycles.

-    The "B ZUG" brings together manual breach specialists, HALO / HAHO and pointing guides

-    The "C ZUG" gathers aquatic environment specialists

-    The "D ZUG" is for mountain and extreme landscape specialists (jungle, desert, Arctic war, etc).

-    The "E ZUG" is for the specialized sniper and PREs troops.