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5 things you need to know if you have a p-226

Knowledge does not take place and here we give you 5 curiosities of another of the most replicated and used guns in airsoft world


The P226 has become known as one of the most distinguished guns existing combat because of its reliability and durability.


Its sophisticated and proprietary uncocked firing pin, eliminating the need for an external secure.


Elite units such as the SEALs in the US, the GEO Spanish, the GIGN in France, or to the SAS in Britain carry this gun.


The P226 is designed to compete for the succession of 1911 was a finalist along with the Beretta 92F, and although the P226 was cheaper, the gun pack, chargers and spare out are more expensive than the Beretta why this second. He won the competition.


Although SIG is a Swiss company, because of restrictive arms export laws had to join a German manufacturer (Sauer) to facilitate the departure of its products.