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SAI jumps on to airsoft with APS

No one has doubts about Salient Arms products. SAI is the famous piece manufacturing for real firearms. Nowadays, SAI is a high quality and innovating brand. In 2016, APS has acquired a license of EMG and SAI to produce a fabulous 870.

-Available in 2 versions 

-Adapted barrel for RIS system

-Magpul hand guard and original stock

-Modified shell loading

-Front sight made in fiber

-Caliber: 6mm BB

-Power source: CO2 shells

-Muzzle speed: 280 ~ 330 FPS @ 0,2 g BB x 12

-Maximum range: 30 metros

-Effective range: 20 metros

-Metal body

-Cartridges capacity: 7 + 1 BBs

-Length: 100 cm de (L) x 12 cm (H) x 3.8cm (W)

-Weight: 2,7 kg

From 10th of April, APS will give out their famous SAI Panda bear patch with the purchase of a APS CAM870 SAI

If you bought it before 10th of April, email them at enquiry@apsram.com attaching a picture of you with the replica and they will ship it to your address. What are you waiting for?