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This model does not come out of nowhere. We can see details that ICS had tested in other models and only used again when they have done well in the market. Darwin would say that only the strongest survive, we prefer to say that it's the best prepared.

The CXP-HOG range from ICS has a written introduction that promises that it will not just set a standard for this season, but it will be one of those replicas that last and last, and after years you will still find it good as new. And anyone who has owned one of these knows what they are talking about.

Fresh from the Taiwanese factory I Chih Shivan (ICS), we present the CXP-HOG.


Keymod until the end

The HOG (High-Occupancy handGuard) forearm gives its name to this model. The Keymod system lets us do without rails on the sides and the bottom, making it thin and comfortable to hold this replica. We can also fit the usual add-ons (RIS, grip, flashlight or AN/PEQ) thanks to the detachable RIS that it includes or fit them directly onto the Keymod where possible.

Two in one

We have seen that the upper receiver of this model is compatible with one on the CXP-UK1 (TransforM4). This allows us to replace a shorter front with a more appropriate configuration for CQB, a longer set-up that allows us to play better in woodland. It's rather like having two replicas in one.

"Tacticool" details

-Surfire SFMB-5566 muzzle. The characteristic gas outlet apertures make it easily recognizable.
-Removable flip-up sights. They are instinctively raised with a thumb making it easy to raise them or pick them up in the middle of a battle.
-Resized trigger guard like the KAC Combat from Knight Arms. It allows us to use it comfortably with gloves.
-T Mag magazine similar to the Magpul PMAG. Its translucent window allows us to check how much ammunition we have left.
-Ergonomic hand guard. After several hours of play you'll be glad of its curved profile instead of the classic right-angle -it supports the hand better.
-Load lever with tabs on both sides to facilitate the cocking movement.