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US Navy SEAL in Vietnam

The US Navy SEALs had available a wide variety of weapons which they used and deployed depending on the type of mission.

Commonly their handgun was the Smith-Wesson M22 with silencer (known as the Hush Puppy). Their choice of assault rifles was much wider and included various types of grenade launcher and even curious items like the AK47 used by local and enemy forces that meant they could not be identified by the sound of their guns.

They also used models like the M3A1 ("Grease Gun") or the British Sterling submachine gun with silencer, both inherited from World War II, or others less common like the Swedish submachine gun K Carl Gustav or the H&K G3.

But if what they wanted was firepower they could opt for light machine guns of all kinds. Also prized were 12 bore pump action shotguns with great stopping power over short distances, ideal for combat in the jungle.

If it was a matter of explosives, there was always the M72 LAW grenade launcher or the M79, normal and cut-off, (yes, since then the SEALs have continue to use these). Grenades fragmentation, white phosphorous, gas, to say nothing of Claymore mines.

In many movies we also see the famous signals, with smoke, lights, flares or parachute signals (could vary depending on the color of lighting to be white, green, red or yellow). All  to mark or hide your position depending on the occasion.