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The North Warriors

Forsvarets Spesialkommando It is a unit of special operations forces Norweigan MoD. Established in 1982, due to increased risk of  terrorist activities against the country's interests, including oil rigs in the North Sea.

In 2013, the unit was reorganized on a par with the Marinejegerkommandoen in different sections of the Norwegian Armed Forces - The Special Operations Forces Norwegian Armed Forces.

The first time it was mentioned publicly by a representative of the armed forces, was in connection with the hijacking of Flight 347 at Oslo Airport in September 1993.

Fallskärmsjägarna!! But… don't you know what it is?

Fallskärmsjägarna (Parachute Rangers), aka Fallskärmsjägarkåren (Rangers parachute corps), is a Swedish military unit Special Operations.

Enough of names full of rare accents and consonants doing the conga, here you have a video of these "Vikings" that will leave your mouth open