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Russian marines 310 anniversary

The Russian Naval Corps (Морская пехота, Morskaya Pekhota), or Russian Marines, is the Amphibious Force of the Russian Navy. The first force Infantry Russian Navy was formed in 1705, since then fighting in the Napoleonic Wars, the Crimea War, the Russo-Japanese War and the two World Wars. Under the Admiral Gorshkov, the Soviet Navy expanded the scope of the Naval Infantry and deployed around the world on numerous occasions.

The Marines are under the command of Chief Commander Coastal Troops / Coastal Troops Commander of the Russian Navy, Major General (NI) Aleksandr Kolpachenko. Their motto is: "There, where we are, there is victory!"

These, along Artillery Forces Coastal Missile Defense, are part of a larger entity - Coastal Defence Forces of the Russian Navy.

Zubr landing ships are highly effective, but the best weapons are the Marines themselves, prepared to fulfill their missions both on land and on sea or air.

The 'Zubr' is the largest in the world and one of the fastest hovercraft. In tests it reached 70 knots (130 km/h) without reaching the limit. The boat moves through a propeller propulsion gas turbines with a total power of 36,000 horses. It rises on the surface thanks to four compressors 24.000 horsepower. The pilot controls the boat using a rudder aviation.