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How do you create and wear juggernaut armor?

In short, the only way to get your juggernaut kit is to embark on a DIY project that won’t get finished in one afternoon.It’s not a project to be taken lightly, it's a long process, but good fun if you're really motivated.

Once you’re into it and giving it a try it is important to be aware of everything coming at you: weight, heat, poor visibility, limited mobility ... and what you want is to play in those conditions. It's really important to play when motivated by your role, and as far as possible to build your kit as light as possible.

In my case, I used foam and Lycra for all custom parts (neck brace, shoulder, thigh protection, ventral and dorsal shield) and cable to achieve the desired shapes.

The latter will help a lot, in my case I used foam and Lycra for all the pieces I had to build myself on my own as protection of the neck, shoulder pads, thigh guards, and shields for front and back). Then use the cable to give it the shape you want.

I have ruled out using cardboard or any other rigid material since it is not really suitable for making these parts and has too many limitations for certain shapes. However foam offers high density and is more than enough in terms of lightness, durability and manoeuvrability. I ended with close to 20 kilos of armor (not counting the replica) and that was just foam and fabric, plus the rest of the kit.

One last tip directed especially at everyone tempted to play in juggernaut kit - avoid any way you can having to run and risk a slow and painful death, as you’ll always get to your enemy, even at a walk.

This kit is made to inspire new or unusual scripts and get away from the classic games. When you make your kit do not forget to choose the weak points that will have you sent off to Respawn.