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We all have our first time.

We all have our first time. That initial moment of nervousness when your heart begins to race as you figure out how to touch, how to move and even what to say!

The big day is here. You read about it on the Internet. You’ve done what you could to prepare. You ran through each movement mentally: “This is my time!” Not only is this your first encounter but, you also have to prove you’re not just anybody.

It is an intimate moment that will last in your memory. A moment that you will someday share with beer among friends, laughing at your inexperience. Repeating to yourself: “If only I could go back then with what I know now.”

The first time you feel its weight, carrying it with you to shoot, your airsoft gun becomes a gateway to a hobby that lasts a lifetime.

Wait a sec... we were on the same page, right?