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Tokyo Marui's full lineup: A new GBBR, the CQBR Block 1

We have found this article in Airsoft Samurai's website, what do you think?

Each and every year, Marui delights us with great new products during the traditional Hobby Show. This year is no different, with no less than five new airsoft guns on display.

3. A new GBBR, the CQBR Block 1

Tokyo Marui is looking to get a real foothold in the GBBR market and following the very good M4A1 MWS, the new CQBR Block 1 looks like a winner too: all the same great features (Cerakote finish, ZET system for the bolt) with a je ne sais quoi making the CQBR sexier that its predecessor.

Sporting a crane-type stock, a KAC handguard and LMT sights, this new rifle looks aggressive and punchy.

Existing M4A1 MWS mags will obviously be compatible and pricing should also be yen-for-yen with the M4A1.

Autumn is when leaves fall and Marui's GBBR's hit the shelves.