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A very tactical barbecue

A barbecue is very important in tactical exercise teams. After playing airsoft it is necessary to recover the body (and soul) and where better for that than a good barbecue and a cold beer.

But as in the airsoft, there are barbecues and barbecues tactics. And imagine how different it may be the case with an apron in ACU like this:

Accommodating multiple cans of cold beer, molle, area to put Velcro patches (from the team, of cook, your blood type ...) and in ACU. Perfect.
But then surely there who does not like you because the ACU is not as popular as before and preferred Multicam solved

And if you're not cook, do not worry, not because of that you're going to run out of your cold beers. In fact you can even choose the model.
You can choose the version of like the grenadier but with beers instead of 40mm grenades:

Or you can choose the version for bottles, fast or hicap holsters (in this case the HICAPS dont have bad reputation

And if you are so tired that you cant carry your boots, do not worry, you can rest on this tactical sofa like this:

In any case the important thing in barbecues team important thing is to have fun together, both inside and outside the camps.