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The elite German army in action

We found this video on the fanpage of El arte de la guerra - España (The Art of War - Spain) and we can't stop sharing with you. In airsoft there are several groups that recreate the elite German units and yet is not a country where they are the most popular 'but that can change!!

The KSK since its creation in 1994 has become one of the best special units lead Europe and is among the best in the world. This rating not only because of the requirement that its preparation, but their effectiveness and operability.

The KSK began operations during the Balkan War, where he formed the spearhead alongside the Delta Force, SEALs American and British SAS in the pursuit and capture of senior military and criminal charges of war to put before the Justice in the International Court of the Hague for mass genocide.

During the last decades unofficially it puts the KSK in operations against militias and terrorist groups in Africa and the Middle East, but whether to place a more durable area operations for this unit, like most, that is Afghanistan. In China the KSK has been used to fund alone or together with units from other countries in the search, capture and removal of members of Al-Qaeda and Taliban groups in the country.