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If something it's cool is the Gear

The game is in your mind, visualize the goals, anticipate you to the incidents and value the alternatives. And you haven't left home. You're riding your vest, filling your backpack and setting the rest of your kit. Because so important is all that going to do once you have started the game as everything you've done to prepare before.

The choice of pouches, backpack, to vest is only ours but Nuprol have tried to ensure that we choose what we choose to go equipped for the occasion.


Nuprol presents a wide variety of products in its range of PMC Gear all available in four colors: classic black-type police units SWAT, green with which we can see the HRT FBI units, TAN as military deployed in the Middle East or the only variant they have in camouflage, camo NP which is similar to Multicam.


This vest is more complex than the current plate carriers protecting more body area. It features an elastic adjustment sidebands will we get him close to the body largely avoiding that we dance team. It also has interior spaces in which we can attach dummy ballistic plates to make it more rigid and it is getting even more impressive.

The plate carriers seek to offer greater maneuverability and comfort when moving with them but only cover the most basic bodies are left inside the rib cage. However the most classic vests offer a more complete more efficient missions with as many enemy fire protection.


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