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The newest of SRC has details like these:

Starrainbow or also known as "SRC" wants to surprise this 2016 with new products.

One of the products that we can stomach this 2016 are the Mamba models, both in its long version (Mamba-L) and short (Mamba-M). This model wore a CNC aluminum handguard 16" in the long version and 12" in short.

Besides rails Ris, take KeyModx. The outer barrel is CNC aluminum alloy as the body. The handle is nylon fiber imitating stippling and have crane head.

As for inside take bearings 8mm, a piston head made of aluminum a POM nozzle and a metal cylinder. Besides its ultra high torque engine will delight the most demanding.

For more details we have to wait since all that we know so far are these details.