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The Plate Carrier ideal for the good weather

Not everyone is clear as set the vest and how to do depending on the type of game we are going to play, because it is not the same set vest for a small pachanga that for a milsim, even in the milsim depend on the hours that have duration, it is not the same 24h to 48h.

The Plate Carrier or carrier plates are vests in which the ballistic plates are brought in the professional world. Most of these vests can find the Molle system, which will make us easier to add all you want and need pouches. We can find many shapes, sizes and brands, from the typical 6094, or the so fashionable JPC. To these vests we can add them airsoft special plates that are made with poliespam or similar to give greater realism.

The Jumpable Carrier Plate (JPC) is a lightweight, minimalist vest designed for maximum mobility. Weighs just over half a kilo and offers a variety of options options to suit the needs of an operator in terms of freight and comfort.

Counts with the skeleton type system a integrated system fitted for fixing the side strips pouches in vest losing weight and unnecessary volume while improving ventilation.

It also has pouches for loeadres and already incorporated administrative pouch.