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Salient Arms International, also known as SAI, is a weapons brand highly valued by many users, amongst whom are numbered gurus like Patrick Mc-Namara, Kyle Lamb (the founder of Viking Tactics) and Chris Costa himself.

Even if you haven't heard of this brand you'll certainlyhave seen models with gold barrels - that's their signature look.

Even more so when they bring out special editions like the one made in collaboration with Chris Costa. It's a creation called "Ludus" where everything was made the way "The Beard" wanted it.

So at the SAI headquarters in Las Vegas, NV, they'veproduced a Glock with a Flat-Faced SAI straight trigger and a unique slide with custom aperturesand anodised in Ludus Grey (anodising is a technique which gives colour to metal without painting it. And yes, there really is a colour called ‘Ludus', another advantage of being Chris Costa).