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You imagine living in a video game? With Void its possible

We find a business that would allow us to go from playing Call of Duty to live. Not that improve the console or because the story is better, but because they put us squarely in the game.

We're suprised, 3D, and megabytes with the business idea of Ken Bretschneider. This crazy virtual reality intends to open in The Void, a center for virtual reality games for the promotional video that promises much.

What if you could explore new dimensions ... new worlds? Where dreams become reality and imagination has no limits. In The Void we are making it possible. Can not be beaten visual and monitoring body. Virtual worlds built on physical environments. 4D special effects. Explore and play with or against each other. Motion simulators adapted to play vividly. Only virtual entertainment centers Void. Why play a game when you can live it?

Apparently the first center to open in Utah and consist of several rooms of 18 × 18 meters where people can live the experience.