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Can you imagine the US in civil war?

Imagine US entered a Second American Civil War. In an American forum they proposed that its members think in such a scenario and the response of Marine veteran Jon Davis wowed a Hollywood producer which he thought he had the potential to become the argument of a television series.

The states with most likely to prevail are those with larger populations and more willingness to face this war and have military bases. They must also be economically strong.

These strategic states would, in the opinion of Davis, California, Texas and New York, but Washigton, Colorado, Illinois, Virginia, Florida and Georgia will not be left behind.

Much of the population would face discriminatory practices in the states in which they reside. Those who came from other areas would be forced to return to their home states, triggering a massive return migration.

Also produces flows back to their countries among Latinos and immigrant Canadians settled in the northern states also cross the border also occur. This phenomenon would lead Mexico to close the border… and in the story of Davis, even to sow mines nearby.

Among the victims of the exodus many soldiers would be found, so it would become a key factor in the balance of forces, and Davis has had to re-calculate the number of troops with which each pointer would have been:

- California: 330.836 military
- Texas: 299.216 military
- Florida: 186.498 military
- Nueva York: 147.852 military
- Illinois: 113.304 military
- Georgia: 96.323 military
- Virginia: 88.125 military
- Washington: 75.243 military
- Colorado: 48.893 military

Texas could gain control of the Whiteman Air Force Base, home of the program B-2 bombers; the expansionist New York would lead to try to gain control of all of New England; Illinois and Ohio would also try to conquer Minnesota, looking for the absolute control over the Mississippi River.

Over time, the concentration of the territories would be increasing. On the West Coast, the fight between Washington and California for sending in the region would lead to the bombing of the city of San Francisco by the first. The struggle between Florida and Texas neoconfederados saldaría with the triumph of the latter, for its part, Alaska and Hawaii fare well because their peripheral situation would keep them away from the heart of the conflict.

The next phase of the war would be a duel between California and Texas, which would come into action a total of four nuclear bombs that destroy cities like Washington D.C. 90% of the American continent would be affected by the detonation of these devices, to a greater or lesser extent.

The destruction would come to this point five years after these clashes with almost all the infrastructure of what was US before unserviceable that the various sides would be forced to hold a peace conference in New York, which signed the 'Treaty of Brennan' in honor of a young woman from Oklahoma who knew how to give a lesson to all combatants ...

Source: http://www.onemagazine.es