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How to paint your face camouflage

1 Choose your color camouflage paint based on typography of the land where your going to be. If you're in a desert area, choose the sand and light green colors; if in a snowy field, choose the clay and white colors, and if you're in a lush green field, choose light green and brown. The best camouflage paintings come in a compact design that contains different tones.

2. Cover the light areas of your face such as the forehead, nose, ears, chin and cheeks. Use a dark color that coordinates with which predominates in the place where you are. For example, if you're in a snow covered field, you could cover these areas with colored earth.

3. Cover all areas of your face that have shadows with the clearest, as under the eyes, chin and nose color. If you're in a snow covered field, for example, could be with white.

4 Cover all exposed skin of the neck, arms and hands with dark color. Again, if there is a snow covered field, you have to use clay-colored paint.