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One day in the temple of counter-terrorism

Near Logroño (Spain), it is the headquarters of the Rural Action Unit of the Civil Guard, the real terrorism temple of a body that ETA (a basque terrorist organization) has placed the edge of operational collapse and whose agents produce panic among ETA members.

Is the headquarters of both the known groups of Rapid Action of the Civil Guard, who were known as Groups Antiterrorist Rural, as the Special Training Center (STC), where agents veterans they train in these arts to newly arrived.

The exhibition day began on site of the Meritorious where using a climbing tower various exercises such as simulation were developed tactical descent from a helicopter using the fast-rope; fixed rope climbing with light equipment intervention; vertical descent wall rappel technique; or intervention from the roof of a house using progression by fixed rope. The aim to demonstrate the skills of this unit in urban settings and more specifically in buildings.

It was the turn for an operational demonstration. First with the identification of a person on foot and neutralization of aggression agents trying to do, resulting handcuffing and detention of it. On the other hand the identification of a driver who has stolen a vehicle and after resisting arrest is reduced and stopped.

In the shooting gallery of quartering the intervention occurs in inhabited places. In the first exercise, an intervention team in training binomial simulates the entry into a room under stress. It ended the previous one a complete intervention work is performed, in which a computer opens the door of a home, continues to progression for housing, and stops an armed person who is in a room. Two situations where members of the Rapid Action are normally found in their daily struggle against ETA terrorists.

After these demonstrations is time to go to the driving range this unit is on the outskirts of Logroño where in the next few years the industrial area of ​​Experiences Special Forces (SPEP) will be built which will be the only one of its kind in Europe and where is expected that members of this unit as both special units of other bodies of European military nature such as the French Gendarmerie or the Italian Carabinieri form.

You will have a large urban setting where they can recreate all kinds of situations. Will, even to an underground station platform and tracks where you can try all kinds of operations.

This polygon of experiences, which in its final design will also have a school for 250 students will have the latest technology so that each staff member who enters will get a bracelet that will control and record their movements, measure your heart rate and level of stress, memorize their successes or failures with shooting and record all types of measurements that are important for training.

In the area of ​​driving came the demonstration of evasive driving with maneuvering as jot or California or techniques interception of a hostile vehicle.

A few meters away, between the driving area and the shooting range, a simulated attack with musketry members of the featured Civil Guard in international missions took place an attack that comes moments after one of the armored MLV Lince has trodden an IED or improvised explosive device and the destruction of the vehicle itself if it has been disabled.

Used the above scenario evacuation helicopter was recreated in one of the wounded in the attack and with the helicopter already in heaven a mock deployment and collection of an intervention group in an area of ​​difficult access was performed.

After this, in the shooting he took out a combined shooting range, where agents of this elite unit of the Civil Guard raffled various obstacles and used in their favor different parapets and angle variations to bring down shooting the proposed objectives.

Finally, it was the turn of an exercise of a team of sharpshooters. Two snipers of the Radpi Action made the unison –for it appear that there is a single shooter– a shot at a target at two hundred meters away.