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The 1911 commands

The SR1911 model that brings SRC reminds us in many aspects to this line of real guns. And it offers us an effective and high-performance alternative CQB environments.


  • Brand: SRC
  • Model: SR1911 Desert Commando
  • Manufactured in: Taiwan
  • Materials: Full Metal
  • Weight: 828 g
  • Length: 183 mm
  • Barrel length: 96 mm
  • Power: Green Gas
  • Power: 350 fps (with 0.20g bbs)
  • Blowback: Yes
  • Hop-up: Adjustable
  • Capacity: 13 + 1 balls

The major features of this model are its small size which makes it also reduces its weight (relative to the 1911 classic). On the other hand tactics rubber grips, typical of the Defender series of real guns.

As the most compact pistol, the size of boot is smaller too. As the amount of gas that can hold give us to empty the 13 balls charger and little else.