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If anything is clear it is that G&P likes everything that has to do with the Navy SEAL us too. It is something that gives a very fardón air to all your replicas and is not going to be less.

The 059 have injected the spirit of excellence that characterizes the SEALs, trying to offer the best be the best… And believe us it manages to convey. From the performance shutter agile handling Prestasi something we have to talk in terms of the outer silencer is it that comes equipped with the AEG.

At first glance it may seem a normal muffler but we soon realize that no. This silencer carries an inner tube which is attached to the replica own making to increase by 25% the power of our AEG.

Another aspect of the muffler is it does not get screwed like most airsoft mufflers this silencer is installed on the muzzle as a real silencer.

- Mount a spring M120 type with which got to 400 FPS.

- The spring guide is not only metal but comes with bearings to improve the torsion spring.

- The gears are made of steel and are of high quality.

- The cylinder head is of plastic components and comes with aluminum nozzle.

- The engine, although not a part of the gearbox, is noteworthy because it is a Hi-Speed ​​M120 G&P.