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Airsoft Psychology: Teams

The working life of airsofter

Like a photograph or a fingerprint, a team can make your identity for the rest of your days. Knowing the teams you play and find the right is the key to survive in the ruthless jungle of airsofters.

It is hard to describe the feeling one experiences when he begins to soak up all the information you surf the net. Hundreds of websites, groups, items, replicas, uniforms, accessories, accessories and a host of items that we crave acquire to offer our best presentation, revealing our identity to other players and qualify for any of the groups most molones we invite our community to incorporate us into their ranks.

Good morning Vietnam

Once you have everything you need, no matter how much or little you are there in your first game surrounded by dozens of players milling around in small groups preparing their kits, finalizing details, helping each other so that everything is in site before the fierceness of the battle. And you feel just like your first day of school, not knowing quite what to do or how to do, who to talk or what.

If you want a good start begins attentive ear and flees from those who already start complaining before starting the game. Look at the happy people because they are the ones who are wanting to have fun and interact with other players, without taking into account organizational problems or delays laggards last minute because his only concern is to enjoy the pleasant company and incidentally play some airsoft.

Need a team?

It is one of the most important facets of any new airsofter where being unaware of everything around us began to imitate what we see, we acquired habits and vices that can lead quickly to get the recognition of other players or directly to the rejection of the groups that the rules of the game are taken seriously.

That is why we must unhurriedly observe and inform us of the equipment in the area, always looked for those who enjoy a good reputation and are consistent with our needs, being at all conscious moment of our limitations in availability, mobility, physical, or economic nothing would find a computer with different claims to ours or that never we agree.

We must remember that airsoft is a game of honor and become aware from the outset that cheats and rogues are not welcome and although coexist among us his 'tuff' is so intoxicating that it is difficult not smell nothing else to show up . Generally this type of player or group ends up disappearing, if not literally and figuratively speaking if, they end up playing alone or with groups of its ilk.

Beware of groups that a few days offer to join them. A team that boasts not want to incorporate players who know his character and morality within the pitch. A good team is seeking a partner for common purposes I can trust, a safe value that does not destroy his reputation and his name is synonymous with legality.

Likewise a player looking for excellence in his heart will not want this tarnished by the vicissitudes of a lax or unethical team.

Tell me who are your friends are and…

Meet the leaders of each group and stick to them in each game. If one who exercises the leadership of a group leaves much to be desired, the entourage that happens may be the closest thing to the band Curro Jimenez. Crucify immediately to groups who want reform when everyone else they do they want to be legal when all they are they will stop complaining when the mute world.

Memorize those who never die and stay away like a ray of those who never fail because every time you pull the trigger prey is doomed to be eliminated if not for the impact of the ball by his verbiage and insults without being aware that rather than exalt his pedantry the perfect functioning of its reply and excellent marksmanship they display their lack of education and respect in addition to his poor eyesight.

Avoid those that teach you how skipping tricks FPS controls using the ruse to spend less time healing the wounded or endless tricks to gain advantage victorious out or illegally. Chase away on your side 'lawyers' airsoft, who always find a loophole not covered in the script or regulation to justify their dubious regulatory actions.


Beginner's luck

I've always felt very proud and lucky my beginnings in airsoft. At that time we were not many in my community and even fewer groups organizing games. My new team and I could have found ourselves with a group of pirates that no rules or import them them honor but stumbled from the start with the best of the best. People of few words but forceful that penetrated deep inside me.

<< You can play with us. We will teach you how to play properly. In the first one you get caught cheating are converted to play more. >>

Despite his words sound harsh they took effect, and proudly affirm that all those groups we took very seriously the words continue to share today our weekends in addition to maintaining a beautiful friendship.

Logically others disappeared, some disintegrated and others are wandering illegally in search of new players who duped.


The legality begins at home. (Rap version)

I'll live great battles, I enjoy every moment, I propose to do the right thing without worrying if others are wrong.

I am the beginning, which marks the difference from the start, will be respected by all my actions, I will be admired by those who are on my side.

My name never be tarnished by a 'group' of fiends, for my forged values ​​are heavily armed.

Hard job & Good luck.