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How to be famous being a sniper

The most important thing to achieve fame is obviously being famous. What does that mean? Well, if you hide with the environment nobody will ever know you've been there. Unless you try to record all your low and then share them on the internet.

For this you can montartelo a thousand and one ways, here we leave you a tutorial on how to do it with a GoPro because today they are the most widespread in the fields of jeugo cameras, but if you're not convinced you have other alternatives.

And with a system like this we can upload videos with our low, without betraying our position and become the Chris Kyle (American Sniper) airsoft ... 'or at least try !!

Here you have some examples of videos of snipers from his sights for you to see what you can get and hope soon to see your own videos.

SpecReconAirsoft - Sniper scope cam #7 - Viking Airsoft uk - 11/10/14
By SpecReconAirsoft 

CJ*2 Scope Cam HD M24 SWS OP Mission First: The Argonauts
By cjradge 

Airsoft Sniper @ The Lair July 20 2014 - FULL GAME EDIT
By Ricardo Fortuny