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Professional quality for the airsofter

Fobus is a manufacturer of accessories sidearm that highlighted the end of the 70s, for pioneering the use of injection of high density polymer in the manufacture of bags.

Needless to say, this led before and after has led the market covers the current time, so that we can bring to the Israeli company as one of the most experienced veterans in innovation and performance.

This has resulted in a success that has caused Fobus products are used by the most famous operating units worldwide.


Among the platforms on which we can engage the Fobus sleeves are the following, are not all but maybe the most interesting for both airosfters and professionals.



This system allows to put quickly the holster on the pants, ensuring a high degree of support thanks to the teeth that remain attached to the belt. It also has a soft non-slip surface on the inside to keep it in position. Features that make it very popular among police units.

In this video you will see more closely the cases Fobus: