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Want to be a authentic Russian SF?

Gorka uniform 3

We find a high strength uniform and thermal inner lining that can be removed. This is one of the quintessential Russian equipments used in different fighting units.

The best features of this uniform are:

- High resistance to friction and weather.

-  Comfortable because we dressed normal to the game and when we get we get the Gorka over clothing.

- adjustable straps for pants're always just in place.

- Realistic aesthetics combat units and games.

Gorka-3 is a Russian military uniform suit designed for mountain divisions (the word 'Gorka' originates from the Russian word for 'mountain'). This BDU first appeared in the Soviet Army during the war in Afghanistan, then extensively during Chechen wars and other conflicts. It is mainly used by special forces (spetsnaz) of MVD, FSB, VDV (Airborne), GRU.

The suit is made of 100% cotton fabric thick (olive) with brown (60/40 cotton / polyester) inserts. High wear and weather resistance and protection.

Now also available in olive camouflage pattern flora / digital.