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The story behind the Tactical Duty Kilt

It has come time someone explain the story that lies behind the Tactical Duty Kilt (TDK) to 5.11 announced on April 1, 2012. And who better than Tom Davin, the supreme boss of the company.

A month earlier, Cory Nykoluk came into my office saying he had a fun idea for the April 1st (the day of the innocent in the US) and this was nothing more than the 5.11 Tactical Duty Kilt.

We had very many requests kilt, so why do not we do it? Cory joined the project to Matt Frederick (Sevices Creative Director) and Brian Rogers (Director of Ecommerce). And I gave the green light for the project of 'TDK' would become a real product of 5.11 with a proper release.

The secrecy of this project was very strict and only 6 people in the company knew the project. In fact for meetings and emails used the code name 'Project Caber'.

Our great friend Kyle Lamb, president of Viking Tactics, was updated and joined the project immediately. It turned out that he was about to attend a concert of Dropkick Murphys. Just in time, because one of the band members, Scruffy Wallace, is a "kiltsman" playing the bagpipes on a T VTAC. And just he left us to find an athlete to demonstrate the mobility of TDK. And that was Matt Frederick, a veteran sheriff practicing parkour. We were ready.

Last week when we saw the video of Matt jumping walls with TDK we had clear and we had achieved the goal of creating the authentic Kilt 5.11. Although we realized that we had only one at the time. So on Saturday 31 March I called the founder of 5.11, Dan Costa to put on top of everything. And he said, "Be prepared, we will sell kilts!"

In fact, the Tactical Duty Kilt was successfully launched and although it was a product that was not going to be continuously in its catalog we can still find. It is available in black, dark navy, charcoal, tundra, TDU Green, coyote, khaki, multicam and Realtree Xtra. And for every one sold, 5.11 donates $10 to the ginaa Charitable Foundation and We Salute You Veterans Foundation.