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Tired of losing grenades?

We've all wondered more than once Where I put the grenades?

Well, we have found a very useful solution, and no, not stop carrying grenades Kydex Cases! These covers are made of Kydex and are completely custom.

New 0'20 Magazine is available!

Don't you know that is the Kydex?

Kydex is a acrylic hermoplastic material manufactured by Kydex LLC and has many applications, including those that concern us covers for guns, boots, knives, or as flashlights, handcuffs…

This material is very strong, we can pull the cover down and even dare to step on it without fear of breaking it. It is a really tough material that becomes adaptable when you apply heat, but rest assured that it takes more than 70 ºC to start work it, so we will not deform as much heat to do.

Kydex can be found in any color (including camouflage patterns) that comes to mind but not painted, even for water transfer, but injected into the material itself so it will not discolor much scratching or rubbing.

Well now we all know what the Kydex, we are going to teach these 'cases` that have seemed super-helpful.

Clips Molle Kydex for Tornado

With this portal grenades we can attach our Granada to add that we have with any molle system. Whether both a vest, backpack, first line ...

But this is not all we know that many of you like shotguns we included in that group ... hehe Well aware of this!

Doble Stacked SORC® Calibre12 Kydex

These universal pouchs suitable for 12 gauge cartridge (and also compatible with Airsoft) are a creation of TRB Holsters. Its versatility also allows to transport small items like radios, multitools… Retention is fully adjustable.