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Do you want to be the best sniper?

A sniper can turn around a game of airsoft but only through discipline, training and practice. Sniper shoot in a game of airsoft is an art.

Many new airsofters start saying, "Oh, I want to be a sniper!" Hoping that every second that passes has the opportunity to make shots that never fail. The truth about being a sniper is that you are an underestimated resource that gets two eliminations for each item depending on the type of game.

Now if this does not sound like your kind of role for a game then we suggest you stop reading. Anyway, if you're one of the chosen few who can realize they do not need recognition to feel good about their role, then this article is for you.

1. A sniper is not a lone wolf.

This is worth repeating: a sniper "no" is a lone wolf. You should always have a spotter covering your back ready to find a target, protect yourself, or get information to give to your commander.

2. Your job as a spotter is to find targets to your teammates.

When you watch a movie or play a video game need not worry about how fly balls. In airsoft however, you'll find that the balls you will usaf in your rifle are affected by everything from gravity to wind and as spotter have to take the necessary measures so that these factors do not affect indications. Once again it demonstrated the old slogan, "One shot, one elimination".

3. A sniper team must constantly work to maintain their skills.

This includes scoring and correct shots even when you're just practicing. Some spoters see the time when their peers are practicing as a free time to just hang out, but this can not be more false. A spotter and sniper always need to work together to ensure the best shots.

4. In addition to the spotter ghillie suit should wear matching the costume sniper the spotter should have a few teams will not have the sniper.

One of the most important pieces of equipment that are the spotter has binoculars or a telescope type. The telescope you choose should have the same scope as the optical system of the sniper rifle. You should also be armed with a rifle type. The second work of a spotter is to provide protection for short distance sniper and you can not do it with a bolt-action rifle.

5. Now go to work sniper.

You need to be able to make a shot that a common rifleman could not. This means being a sniper. You need to have a good rifle that is well maintained and has a firing capacity of at least 80m.

You need to have an optical system (sight) that has a range adapted to the scope of your rifle. A part of a normal rifle, a sniper need to have a gun that can protect in most situations at close range.

6. You need to be a great shooter and comes only with incessant and tedious hours of practice.

So the way to be the best is to use a lot of your time shooting. Both your gun and your master replica.