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A replica that you did not know adjective this at first sight

Series production of the last replica of Amoeba is based on a known assault rifle AR, but this replica has been adjusted accordingly and enriched by the many design details and technical solutions interesting that improve not only the functionality but also the appearanceThanks to its compact dimensions the AM-006 is very practical and ideal for operation in CQB.


The body of the replica is made of reinforced nylon. The quality of the materials used makes it difficult at first glance to recognize that it is plastic and not metal. In the body it carries gauge markings, in this case 6mm and marking Amoeba. The outer barrel is made of metal as well as some other small detail. The hilt of the replica is properly shaped, covered with rough and slip texture improves grip and comfort. Equipped with a foregrip improves operability in CQB.

The replica is equipped with a foldable light head aside. The battery is housed in the upper body. Access to adjust the hop-up is like any market M4 pulling the cocking lever and expulsion window, where we can regulate the Hop will open up.

The AM-006 has a top RIS 22mm, so it can be installed on the replica range of accessories, ranging from optical sights to lighting.

The outer barrel, metal, is covered by a muffler which is screwed 14cm.

Amoeba has the ability to change the spring a quick way without having to disassemble the Gearbox. The heart of the replica is reinforced, slightly modified with a v2 gearbox, with EFC (electric firing system). Controls the engine work to work smoothly and shorten the response time of the engine by pressing the shutter button. Intedrado also carries a Mofset.

He carries a Hi-Cap 300 bbs charger built in steel. We can also use standard M4 chargers.

Manufacturer: Amoeba

Speed: ~ 300

Gearbox version: v2 Modified

Selector: Semi, auto, secure

Length [mm]: 420-655

Weight [g]: 1740

Loader Type: Hi-Cap

Hop-Up: Yes, adjustable

Blow Back: No

Made of: metal reinforced Nylon

Battery included: No