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Best moments of Call Of Duty, Part 1

Arrival at the beach - Call of Duty 2

It is not 'Medal of Honor Allied Assault' undoubtedly the best recreation of the D-day I've seen through a screen if you do not count the cinema and the advent of DVD and 5.1 to Saving Private Ryan, but the team 'Call of Duty 2' did a great job to plant us in the Normandy landings with a rifle in his hands.

Nuclear explosion - Modern Warfare

It was the time when the first 'Modern Warfare' left us with the crooked ass and today still remember it as one of the best scenes I've lived at the controls of a game. The need to save the world once again clashed here with the harsh reality that in which the heroes do not always get their way and the result can be a nuclear bomb that takes us ahead while trying to escape.

Space Station - Ghosts

'Perrete' was the great hallmark of the latest iteration of Infinity Ward, and without the name of 'Modern Warfare' and a study that was not at its best. Despite their low hours still they had the touch and tinkering with gravity plane 'Modern Warfare 3' gave way to a much more extreme zero gravity, a fight in a space station.