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Watch out for the sniper! ARES M40A5

And boom! Another removal more. Everyone wanted to be a sniper. Blame it on Hollywood, or perhaps video games… What we know for sure is that much abandon them after several attempts.

Therefore, this may be the reason why we respect both players still in that role. Today we want to honor that role or rather the replica. In this case a sniper rifle.

The replica of this rifle, M200 Intervention Project Beta, a replica that can not miss. It is really super interesting.


The M40 is a precision rifle used by the US Marines derived from Remington 700, used after the Vietnam War to the present day. This is one of the most effective and accurate weapons that we can find on the battlefield.


This replica lives up to its real counterpart. He wears a head equipped Mc Millan fiber reinforced nylon. The aluminum barrel is 6.03mm. The group, the accuracy and scope are insured


Manufacturer: ARES

Length: 1139 mm

Weight: 3014 g

Material: metal / nylon fiber

Cañon: 640 mm (6.03 diameter)

Color: od

Magazine capacity: 40

Hop up: adjustable

Power: 450 fps / 1.88 joules

Accessories: adjustable head, 35mm rail ris