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Gearbox M4 vs AK Comparison

Lonex gets put everyone agree on something. Whether with an M4 as the Shield Lt.595 or an AK as this model at the time of reaching the wording has not yet reached the stores falls to airsofters we use them.

This manufacturer that became popular among players for making high-quality internal made the leap some time ago to make M4 with great acceptance in the market, and now dares to open a line of AK in its catalog. Do you with what you stay?


AK - V3 gearbox has ribs that reinforce it, although left open by the side to the height of the gears can sneak dirt.

M4 - Mount a V2 gearbox made of aluminum more resistant calamine we can find in other AEG with a greater thickness to better withstand the power of the mechanism.

Pneumatic system

AK - The steel cylinder has the opening at the rear to maximize the amount of air expelled. The piston has jagged metal and the spring guide bearing absence has a sliding track which fulfills the same function.

M4 - Take a steel cylinder head and nozzle with polymer. The piston head is ventilated plastic. And it has a metal spring guide and a type M100 spring.


AK - These gears are made of stamped steel and bearing the logo of Lonex. With 8 mm bearings German made rotate with less friction.

M4 - The gears are wider for better teeth transmit force. The gear motor is also helical gear and piston has a single tooth height.

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