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Simulators: a great experience from the screen

ArmA III is like driving a big bulldozer city. It's not comfortable, it is not safe, it consumes outrageous and generates many problems. Of course, in return it provides us the opportunity to make huge things and get into places that even the most luxurious vehicles dream of reaching. And it's more fun.

There is a parameter that characterizes ArmA above the rest: the distance. Unlike other 'Shooters' which is really hard to star in a long-distance shooting in ArmA shots they are taken hundreds of meters. Both the use of weapons and vehicles require the use of which is one of the strongest points of this new version of ArmA: its immense game scenario.

The islands in the near future support the confrontation between East and West, are the biggest stage ever created for a game of this nature. The largest island, Altis, has 270 Km2 in which towns, forests, mountainous areas, marshes… with a logical layout are available if we look at the cross roads, location of populated areas, airports, coastal ports, etc.

The work done Bohemia Interactive to recreate a credible environment has yielded the expected results the tremendous effort invested still evident. Effort and costs that went beyond their own development when two Czech programmers were arrested and imprisoned by the accused Greek government spy to surprise photographing environments of military installations on the island of Lemmos (Limnos, Greece).

To have a more affordable scenario ArmA 3 provides a second island more manageable of 'only' 20 Km2 and christened Stratis. Mediterranean climate both islands have their boques pine, arable land and occupying the largest area of ​​the island fields of tall grass and bushes.