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Kraken Dummy. Knives for airsoft

Kraken Dummy is a small company that manufactures knives Argentina airsoft of high quality and absolutely safe to use in the game because the rubber is a sheet rubber.


Mauricio Vilugrón with his wife Silvina Rodriguez make Kraken Dummy they are from Cordoba-Argentina. They have developed a very sophisticated process to produce these wonders and have a variety of knives and axes that leaves open mouth.

2 product lines:

A.- Standard knives, which are just over 10 models produced periodically.
B.- Custom knives and axes which are exclusive models manufactured especially for the customer.

In the Custom format, Mauricio tells us that:

"all jobs are per order and its measures are studied to be as close to the real pair. All our works are made in rubber high impact and bakelite, on many occasions if the model warrants pieces of aluminum or alloys of different metals are coupled to give more realism that without losing sight of safety standards for various sports They are using these products "

The manufacturing process part with the design using computer programs seeks to maintain the proportions of the actual model, then a mold where a mixture liquid rubber rubber which is subjected to pressure to remove air bubbles that may be poured is designed be in the mix after it passes the process hardens 24 hrs flexibility and strength of the material so that it does not represent a risk for use is tested once made this point the work of recess starts from the sheet to achieve the effect of edge finished this work the entire piece so as to give a smooth finish which emulates color and texture modern combat knives painted.


Finally it reaches the assembly phase where he added the tops of the handle which are commonly Bakelite to finally put the most important part of the knife, 'his soul' which is a metal round plate with the logo of Kraken Dummy Mauricio tells us this is a cabal that is followed rigorously.

With the knife concluded only remains to make its case for which use a thermoplastic that allows them to do a fine job at the level of the object to be protected.

We were amazed by the dedication and thoroughness that put these Argentine friends at work, passion and their knowledge of the subject is measured the results are obvious.

Mauricio tells us that in the last Milsim Sierra Extreme 2016 implemented a competition with knife-mode combat, where sought to play 3 times the opponent. This process was monitored by 2 judges that validated touch it and avoided risky moves. This competition aroused great interest and gave a very good atmosphere of competition where the 2 finalists took a knife each.

One aspect to note is that Silvina and Mauricio are airsoft players of Cordoba, so they know in detail the safety requirements of such implements, Silvina tells us that:

"it is impossible to hurt with these knive they can do the same damage a eraser those that are used in schools as they are made of rubber and rubber this material does not have sufficient hardness to generate cuts".

Kraken Dummy also receives orders from different countries who wish to contact them to make them a special part or learn more about the products they have can contact let them link to your Facebook:


We invite you dare with one of the knives that have or give effect to the project of a battle-ax to the loadout we are sure you will be more than satisfied with the result.

We can only congratulate to Kraken Dummy for its initiative which has nothing to envy of products produced in large factories, as they have the courage to be unique handmade pieces. A big hello to our friends at 020 Mag and his readers we hope to please them this art pieces made in Argentina.