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Russians always innovating

The Russian consortium Kalashnikov has developed a universal kit for the update of the famous assault rifles. A new set of devices can increase the effectiveness of Kalashnikov AK series by 50 percent in just fifteen minutes.

According to the company, the new kit "increases by 50 percent the effectiveness of the gun in the frequency of impact at distances up to 300 meters." It also allows to use the weapon 24 hours a day and in different weather conditions.

The upgrade kit is universal and can be mounted in a matter of about fifteen or twenty minutes. According to the deputy general manager and head of the design office Kalashnikov Sergey Urzhumtzev, modernization of AK includes new cylinder head and new top of the receiver with the rail integrated Picatinny (to hold in this complementary devices: optical sights with collimators, laser rangefinders, grenade launcher, flashlight, etc).

In addition, the kit incorporates new belt, selector and more ergonomic. These changes will improve the ergonomics and handling weapons in combat missions in various weather and climatic conditions.

Another novelty is the additional handle which is ahead of the charger and facilitates handling of the weapon.

Fuente: Tecnology Militar