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You want to play in a different event?

'Raids AT' are airsoft mil-sim pure. Designed especially for players of this sport that are in the military simulation maximum satisfaction.

'Raids AT' are based on purely military maneuvers and exercises, inspired in some cases evidence of access to certain Special Operations units. Cheer up to try and we guarantee new and unique experiences in the world of airsoft.

To get the most from this new product of 'AT Factory' you should have some previous experience in airsoft and will serve helpful to have notions of map navigation and guidance given the basic characteristics of the 'Raids'.

Each is designed as a real mission of a Special Operations unit and last in this first phase 36 to 48 hours.

In general each mission will cost an initial phase of insertion using different types of transport; then an intermediate stage of approach to the target, and an end portion of the target infiltration, observation and execution of the mission area.

The activity will be supervised at all times by our instructors all former components C.O.E. Spanish Army; with extensive experience both in the military field as in airsoft.

Our intention is to test not only your physical strength but planning capacity, improvisation and teamwork of each of you.

We want terminéis satisfied is our goal but it is almost inevitable that acabéis tired.

Do you dare?