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Spectacular trailers of War Thunder

War Thunder is a videogame of air and ground combat and a preferably arcade naval future, although the player can if you want, choose a realistic or simulated mode gameplay. Developed by Gaijin Entertainment, War Thunder is a massively multiplayer game free online.

The game contains different types of aircrafts from biplanes basic fighters after the First World War to the Soviet MiG-15 and F-86 American Sabre protagonists in the Korean War reactors through a variety of bombers as well known as the American B-17 Flying Fortress or German Heinkel 111. There is also a minority of rare aircraft based partially or unsuccessful projects developed.

The company is gradually introducing ground battles between armored vehicles and in the future may include the naval section. Most game maps are directly or indirectly inspired by authentic battles of the time.

Currently the average size of the maps in the game ranges from about 65-65 km or 100-100 km to 250-250 km, although you may be implemented even greater representation spaces. It is estimated that simulations could be achieved in War Thunder maps 300 for 300 km.