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It's raining bb's!

ICS have thought that it is time to improve the firepower and destruction of our equipment. And it has happened to them, nothing more and nothing less than to market ICS - 190 grenade launcher GLM. A monster compared to traditional grenade launcher.

New 0'20 Magazine is available!

Now you can simulate techniques used in reality and apply them to our games a success for fans of role… or fire unceremoniously!!

n its construction ICS has used high strength plastic composites, giving it an almost obligatory lightness, considering the weight involving 6 grenades loaded revolver in his drum.

The premises have been clear: impressive shot capacity maximum portability and better manageability.

Multiple grenade launchers or also known by its acronym in English: MGL is a 40mm grenade launcher with up to 6 grenades. Or what is the same a shower of balls with which, like the Persian King said, cover the sky balls and hide the sunlight.

40mm grenades synthesis are shaped receiver granada which houses inside through different formats (circularly, in rows or simply hosting the bb's in a common cavity) an amount of bb's.

It is important to know that the greater the amount of bb's and weight of the ball itself the scope of Granada will be lower, since it is not the same as the gas load drives 20 bb's of 0.20 gr than 10 BB' s of 0.12 gr. This decision will depend on use and space where you want to use, always remembering that the scope of this type of accessory is limited.

The actual MGL has a maximum effective range of 375 meters which in its version of airsoft can not dream but what we got is to keep firepower and especially dispersion of the more interesting balls, especially if we play in a CQB.

Here you have a video of the toy itself:


- 6 of 40mm grenades for a great defense and attack capability.

- Retractable stock in 6 positions and 3 degree tilt

- 4 guides to put accessories from view, grips, flashlights… Made in high resistance polymer.