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The result of mixing a Glock with a P90

Well, not really, although at first glance is the first thing that comes to mind. We imagine the night of passion that might have the P90 and Glock… may be that what designers had this gun when she conceived but little problem.

This is one of the last Taurus pistols presented and that there are no airsoft replica (although it will come). This Brazilian company dubbed the "Curve" because it adapts to human anatomical features.

The gun aims concealment of a comfortable and intelligently. Taurus even registered with the Patent and Trademark Office US by its arched design, so if other manufacturers want to apply a similar concept Taurus will have to pay for these privileges.

The gun has also rounded at the corners ways so that can carry discreetly in your pocket or waist as if you carried a smartphone. That's right, no need cover. He wears a removable screw clamp allowing the gun to be hung from the waist.

When do you think we will see in airsoft? Us add to our list for a new article "What's missing airsoft".