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How to configure the vest?

Not everyone is clear as set vest and how to do depending on the type of game we are going to play because it is not the same set vest for a small pachanga that for a milsim even in the milsim depend on the hours that have duration, it is not the same 24h to 48h.

Another factor that should also take into account is the role we'll play this game, it is not the same team that needs a sniper to health. The type of terrain and the weather to which we will face besides the rules of the game since we got limited ammunition or any other factor that imposes us the organization tip the balance towards a type of equipment or another.

Are many vests of different types, shapes and functionalities, even depending on the type of AEG. We can find from Chest Rig, more suitable for roles they need to go light up vests carrying plates.

Chest Rig are characterized by being light and little hot plus they are easy to put on. They consist of a pair of shoulder straps and a waist closure that does not move when running and it tighter. But they have one drawback its load capacity is less than that of a carrier plate which we take into account when choosing the team.

The Plate Carrier are vests in which the ballistic plates are brought in the professional world. Most of these vests can find the Molle system which will make us easier to add all you want and need pouches. We can find many shapes, sizes and brands, from the typical 6094 the JPC so fashionable. These vests can add them airsoft special plates that are made with poliespam or similar to give greater realism.

The vest will have to offer comfort, accessibility to all pouches, nothing we enjoy a pouch on the back of things constantly and we need the help of a partner. The basic configuration pouches for good would be the chargers, the radio a drop pouch to take the empty chargers and a utility pouch for all the tools we need. A carabiner with insulation, black tape would not bad we never know when we can break something. Depending on the type of game, a necessary element in the serious vest camelback, although if it is a Milsim event as normal is carried in our backpack.