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The C.O.R.E. Plate Carrier. Did you know?

The support plate provides protection where you need it without the weight or volume of the other market. The Plate Carrier C.O.R.E. It is a project that took more than a year and a half to perfect and was designed by US Counter Terror Operators. The design was built for protection, mobility and performance. The Plate Carrier has a breathable belt capable of carrying side armor. 




- Made of nylon 1000 Denier nylon straps and buckles YKK

- Possibility of plates on the sides

- Adjustable, comfortable and breathable Padded

One feature that stands out above the rest is the patent two integrated belt system rescue. This allows the rescue and evacuation of operators. The concept was developed by clandestine operators operating in small teams in remote areas usually several miles from medical help.