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The MP40 in a dignified Collectors Edition

The MP40 (Maschinenpistole 40) was a very popular submachine between German troops during World War II. Designed by Heinrich Vollmer, in order to give soldiers an assault weapon, mainly mechanized infantry units and paratroopers, was manufactured until the end of the conflict.

This is precisely the model that we bring today become airsoft replica and also in a deluxe edition. Hand with SRC it comes the SR41 Luxury Editionan electric replica coming in a wooden box decorated in period, three lowcap chargers, a belt replica of the original, and two pouch carrying chargers accommodate three chargers each reaches us.

With 840 mm in total length and a weight of 3.5 kg (with empty charger) is a replica made of metal and wood with stunning finishes which together with its electric blowback makes sense to shoot it transport us directly to World War II.

In addition, only the luxury edition comes in a wooden box of 1 m long (normal comes in conventional cardboard boxes). The box is painted military green on the outside and leads screenprinted period features that will make not want to throw, but rather keep it in plain sight of everyone who passes by your room.